Friday, August 6, 2010

New template

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed I changed the blog template yesterday and I just wanted to share the reasons for why I did this.

1. Google Page Rank – with this template I can add gadgets at the bottom of the blog so I added a couple of RSS feeds including one from our website and one from our forum. This will hopefully help increase’s page rank moving it higher in the search results thus bringing more visitors to the website / forum and maybe more players!? Who knows.

2. Sharing Links – With this new template I was able to automatically add sharing link to each post so now if you like something you can easily share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz or if you don’t like those you can simply send the post to a friend by email.

3. Size – The other template had a lot of tiny pictures that were forming it’s design / layout so it was taking longer to load for those with slow internet connection + there was a risk that at any moment the Photobucket account that was hosting the images would reach it’s maximum bandwidth and the images wouldn’t be displayed (which happened). This template’s pictures are hosted by Blogger so there won’t be any problems regarding bandwidth issues.

These three were kinda the main reasons i took into consideration when I applied this new template. Hope you like it.

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