Saturday, February 28, 2009

New staff members

Welcome to our newest staff member TGM Kiljaeden and also to WhirlWind
Wish you both a pleasant stay and a lot of good luck.
And as other people may have told you, stay away from Owyne.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A new way...

A new but at the same time and old way to view your character and the world of Mu is now available again here on Sunshine Mu, and that's the 3D camera.

To use it you need a mouse with a scroll.
How it works: keep the scroll button pressed and move the mouse around to change the view angle. To zoom in / zoom out just scroll down / scroll up.
Here are some screen shots made with it by members.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Continue the story

A new event has started in our forums and it's being hosted by Gorim. The event is called "Continue the story" and as it says in it's title, you got to continue a story... started by who else but Gorim.
The dead line is Monda, 2nd the March.
The prizes are pretty nice:

First place: An ancient set of his or her choosing +13 +L +28
Second place: An ancient set of his or her choosing +9 +L +16
Third place: Third class wings of his or her choosing +13+L+ignore and 50 souls.
Fourth place: Second class wings of his or her choosing +13+L+ignore and 40 souls.

Fifth place: 80 souls.
+Consolation prize: 10 souls.

For more information about the event, it's rules or for submitting your story, check out this thread.

Hello everyone...

This is the first post that I make on this blog, which is supposed to keep the Sunshine Mu community up to date with what's happening in the forums and in the game. This way we can do two things at a time:

1. Have fun and stay in touch with the updates
2. Advertise our sevrer indirectly, and maybe getting new players to join us.

And who knows, maybe other things too.
Anyway, this being said, let me update it....