Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Become a reporter

This sounds strange, especially for a online game.
What is this all about:

*Post your article / story here: Sunshine Mu Forums and check for updates.
*Write a decent article / story / create a material or a compilation regarding Sunshine Mu Forums / Game or Website / or create an announcement.
*The so called "article" should have a decent English and format.
*Also have a point in what you write, as in: don't post things like: "Sunshine Mu Rockz" because that's not an "article" or whatever.
*If you make a Youtube video, you can share it here (Season 4).
*What you get from doing this? Nothing. Only your name in the first line of the post, because you are the writer.
*The articles that pass (are good to be posted) will get posted here.
*You can add a maximum of 4 pictures to your article. Their width will be lowered to 495 (if it's higher) and linked to the desired page or to the full sized image.
This will be fun to watch Wonder what stories you come up with