Saturday, August 1, 2009

Suunshine Mu Online - Video Event

Today we start a new event called "Sunshine Mu Online - Video Contest" with the purpose of advertising our server and getting more players. The event requires each participant to create a video in which he presents some of the newest features of the game using hsi own imagination.

The event will last for 17 days, ending in 17th of August. The prizez are:
1st place: a custom set of the winner's choice +13+2opt
2nd place: two custom weapons of his choice +13+2opt
3rd place: two normal weapons of his choice +13+2opt

Also all the participants will get 5 bok+4 and 5 bok+5 as a consolation prize for their effort (the video must meet the requirements tho).
More informations about the rules and requirements and also about submitting your video here.

After 17 days: -the event ended and the winners were announced. First 3 places were occupied by Trawka, Sachaw and Shinobi. Their prizez and the consolation ones were already given.

It's our chance!

After a desastruous month we now get the chance to start over with the votes count reseted on xTreme top. Now we need your support more than ever because the server is going trough rough times and our rank does not reflect our value.
We can't do this alone. Help us by clicking on this link and vote for our server.