Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Unscramble Event #1

Prize: 3x BOK+5

leave a comment containing the correct answer and your in-game character name like this:

Character name:

- add to your contacts in Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live to claim your prize (don’t do it otherwise because you will be ignored).
- only the first one to post the correct answer will win the prize.
- if you forgot to post your character name the answer won’t count
- if you want your prize on another character then it’s not going to happen. The prize will be given only to the character left in the comment containing the correct answer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Vote requirements for October

The vote event goes on and this moth the requirements are as follows:

- 360+ votes will get 280.000 credits
- 325-329 votes will get 135.000 credits
- 300-324 votes will get 75.000 credits
- 275-299 votes will get 35.000 credits

Also, we must reach 11.000 votes combined on the 6 vote websites otherwise no one will receive anything.

Thank you & good luck.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Top Online Hours Event – Thanksgiving Edition month the event rules change a bit. Instead of being a one month event, it will be a two month event: Octomber and November.

In the end (on the 31st of November) the top 3 players with the most hours spent online in the game will receive a Full Option 2010 Custom Set with 3 Empty Sockets and 15 Seed Spheres plus a Blue Fenrir.

All the others which have 850 hours or more spent online will receive 175.000 credits to spend in the webshop.