Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Duel System with Duel Arena and Volcano map

This is how it works: The only place where you can challange other players for duel is now Lorencia. After a duel challenge is accepted both players will be warped to the duel arena where they'll fight to death.
After the duel is over (canceled or someone won) you will be givven a 10 seconds time to warp to another map or you will be warped to the Volcano map.
From what I've seen the map is still empty, no monsters there, and I guess there should be some... it's kind of a large map, with lots of lava, and fire and stone. And few players.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Checkout Donation

Since the 27th of June you got a new way to donate money for our server. If you wish to donate this way simply go to the bottom of the Webshop pag where you'll see a Google Checkout Button. To purchase items just click that button.

Maximum Stats Change

An old update which gets posted just now because I don't have the time to update this. I'm in vacation in Spain and I'm kinda busy at the moment. Anyways here's what this is about.

In order to balance the classes, and make the fights between different classes more equilibrated, the maximum number of stats points for different character classes have been altered and now for example elves can have up to 60.000 points in agility.

Note: This stats have to be added manually: by clicking! Trying to add them by command will result in getting your stats bugged. Here you have the list with the maximum stats for each atribute of each character class.

Soul Master ------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 50000 - Energy: 50000
Blade Knight ------ Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 32767 - Energy: 32767
Muse Elf ------------ Strength: 45000 - Agility: 60000 - Vitality: 55000 - Energy: 32767
Magic Gladiator -- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 55000 - Energy: 55000
Dark Lord ---------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 60000 - Energy: 35000
Summoner --------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 32767 - Energy: 32767