Monday, July 13, 2009

Maximum Stats Change

An old update which gets posted just now because I don't have the time to update this. I'm in vacation in Spain and I'm kinda busy at the moment. Anyways here's what this is about.

In order to balance the classes, and make the fights between different classes more equilibrated, the maximum number of stats points for different character classes have been altered and now for example elves can have up to 60.000 points in agility.

Note: This stats have to be added manually: by clicking! Trying to add them by command will result in getting your stats bugged. Here you have the list with the maximum stats for each atribute of each character class.

Soul Master ------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 50000 - Energy: 50000
Blade Knight ------ Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 32767 - Energy: 32767
Muse Elf ------------ Strength: 45000 - Agility: 60000 - Vitality: 55000 - Energy: 32767
Magic Gladiator -- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 55000 - Energy: 55000
Dark Lord ---------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 60000 - Energy: 35000
Summoner --------- Strength: 32767 - Agility: 32767 - Vitality: 32767 - Energy: 32767


  1. how do you alter the max stats for SCF server files?

  2. Don't know how to do that but I'm pretty sure you can find someone who knows on the Ragezone forums. You could try asking there.

    Link to the Mu Online Help section on the Ragezone forums:

    Hope this helped.

  3. are those stats work on zhyper m.u.???

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